newest entry 2002-02-11 12:53 p.m.

I discovered, quite by accident, this new yoga center that not only offers a variety of classes on the Upper East Side, but also web-casts them!! A brilliant idea, although it remains to be seen whether a webcast yoga class is effective.

Judging by the glam-shots of the teachers, this isn't exactly the most spiritually-minded center in the city, but sometimes appearances can deceive. Sometimes.

In a time-honored tradition, I blew my diet last night with an ice-cream binge that pretty much reversed two solid weeks of low-fat, low-calorie eating. I am dusting myself off and carrying on, and I don't even feel particularly guilty. Whatever. As long as I keep exercising and sweating out toxins, I will be OK.

I am enjoying Sarah Vowell's book of essays, Take the Cannoli. She tends toward breathless hyberbole at times, which is kind of cute in someone so caustic, but for the most part she is just really funny and sharp.

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