newest entry 2002-02-10 1:46 p.m.

Took a pre-natal yoga workshop yesterday. Not for myself, obviously, but for general knowledge. It was pretty useful, a good class. I also picked up a couple of good hands-on corrections that I think will enhance my own teaching, even with un-pregnant folks.

Other than teaching my own class, that was pretty much the highlight of my day yesterday. I was really beat and just wanted to lie around.

I need a new book to read now that I finished The Sandcastle and I'm thinking of trying some Tolkein....

We watched Conspiracy Theory on video, which was pretty bad. The premise is great: a conspiracy theorist generally regarded as a nut finally uncovers an actual conspiracy and mayhem ensues. It felt very much like a good, little foreign movie that got re-made into a Hollywood blockbuster. Mel Gibson was just the worst casting choice, wavering between broadly comic and dead serious acting that didn't serve the character or the story at all. And of course there's a dopey love story involving Julia Roberts.

In other news, I am going completely insane. Stagnant creative energy, lack of drive, anxiety out the ying-yang etc. Blecch.

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