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You're Getting to be a Hobbit with Me

Saw Lord of the Rings last night. Wonderful. I haven't read anything more than The Hobbit, but now I think I'd like to take a crack at the further adventures.

My no-eyebrowed boyfriend Viggo Mortensen aquits himself well as the brooding Aragorn, and Elijah Wood has the perfect fresh-faced demeanor for hapless Frodo (this kid has no pores--is that the handiwork of the special effects crew, or Noxzema?). Boy-wise, though, the archer-Elf Legolas really steals the show. I loved the elves with their transparant skin and Brian Eno-cum-Maxfield Parrish vibe.

So is this a story about the arms race or what?

I interviewed last week at a publishing company, and the interview went well. I am now on their short list of candidates, and I am both happy and scared. Do I really want to go back to the 9-5 world? Am I going to survive in this job even with my hearing difficulties? Yikes, yay, etc.

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