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Went to the Bronx Zoo today with Bottle Rocket, Cookie, Rufus (i.e. three of my sibs), and their respective spouses and children. It was nice--I hadn't been to the Bronx Zoo since they first opened the Congo exhibit. It was refreshing to walk through the misty fake Rainforest, see the primates, hang out with my niece and nephews. My nephew M. held my hand the entire time--for some reason he has really bonded with me, even though I don't see him that often.

Despite being surrounded by exotic creatures and fantastic displays, the biggest thrill my niblings had was seeing a rat in the parking lot. They went on and on about it. They also got pretty excited about a bee they saw.

As for me, aside from apes, I was most struck by the polar bears. I think it's sad that they have to hang out in the Bronx, though.

Yesterday I intentionally stayed in all day--it was once again raining cats and dogs (and I didn't want to step in a poodle--ho!) and I had no pressing errands outside the home, so I made one trip to the gym before it started pouring, and spent the remainder of the day padding around in loungewear. I wrote a song, practiced my vocals, and watched several episodes from the Six Feet Under first season DVD.

I now only have three SFU episodes to go, but I don't have the fourth disc. I love this show. And I like the total-immersion experience of watching several episodes in a short period of time. It's...almost like reading...

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