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I do NOT feel like being at work today. All I wanna do is play hooky and go to the movies. I read a brief description of Blue Car and immediately wanted to go to the Angelika and watch it, but I stopped myself because I have a meeting at 3:00 and a ton of work to do.

What I really need is a good, long session of yoga. I've been running a lot lately, but not doing hatha or even stretching much, so I'm all "Oy! My creaking joints!"

I had a good rehearsal last night--I am fortunate to have found guys to play with who are not only talented musicians, but also nice people. Since we're playing quiet gigs lately and don't need to rehearse with a full drum kit, we can play at my house, which means long rehearsals with langorous suppers and lots of off-topic chat.

During rehearsal, I found out that all my life I have been mis-hearing a crucial lyric in Badfinger/McCartney's "Come and Get It". I always assumed it was a love song by a cocky rich guy to a younger woman, and the lyric went, "Will you walk away from a fool and his money...darling?"

But as everyone else in the world seems to know, it's "...Sonny." (and, later, "...Sorry.")

So then I thought, "Well, maybe it's about the relationship between Apple Records and Badfinger."

But, no, according to Fred, who knows everything about the Beatles and Badfinger, it was meant to encapsulate the plot and theme of the film it was written for, The Magic Christian, about a wealthy man who offers people money to do outrageous things.

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