newest entry 2003-06-07 1:23 p.m.

Went to Freddy's last night and had one of those patented, transcendent Freddy's experiences. Everyone who played in the back room was a friend, and everyone was excellent. The crowd, as always, was spirited and supportive. It was such an affirmation of life.

None of us is doing very well financially, a lot of us are kinda depressed emotionally, but nevertheless, we all have it within us to get up onstage and share our responses to life's vicissitudes. And, dudeski, that's what it's all about.

Well, that and cheap pitchers of Rolling Rock.

This morning I interviewed a composer who is labelled New Age but is really more like neo-classical. It was a nice chat. He's a good egg--and his life is entirely about music. He composes constantly, teaches at a college, records, writes, arranges...I so admire that.

I really wish I could go to music school. I would like to learn the nuts and bolts of music theory and scales and all that arcane stuff. I've dipped into that a little, and it always gave me a sense of peace--like I was being initiated into a benevolent organism much larger than myself.

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