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Yesterday we celebrated Cookie Boy's first birthday. It marks a new era in the celebration of birthdays in the Aquaplanius family, in that it wasn't a big, huge chaotic family party, it was just small and mellow.

Monkey and I joined the Cookies at their church (Greek Orthodox...think "pre-Vatican 2 Catholic", lots of finery and a mysterious non-English mass) and then afterwards in the church reception hall the Cookies hosted the weekly "coffee hour", with a birthday cake and a modest brunch spread.

Then we went to the Cookies' apartment, with Bruno's sister and cousin, and had a nice lunch. Cookie Boy showed us his new walking skills, and then mostly napped.

I think Cookie and Bruno have admirably resisted that weird yuppie mentality towards children that has taken hold of the rest of my siblings: "My child is the Christ-like center of the universe, and you will adore him, and you will attend every birthday party, soccer game, nursery school graduation, armed with expensive toys, no matter how inconvenient this may be for you."

When did it get to be thus? When I was a kid, I saw my aunts and uncles a couple of times a year, and that was fine. They'd pat our heads, ask about school, and send us outside to play. And my parents would let me have a birthday party, but it wouldn't be this humongous family occasion every time, just the kids from the neighborhood and class.

Anyway, the point is, I had a really nice time yesterday.

Watched The Good Girl last night. I suppose it was OK. A deadpan little movie with a better than average ending. I liked the soundtrack.

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