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Well, the grim likelihood of war is softened--for me anyway--by the fact that I am starting a new job on Tuesday. That temp job I interviewed for on Thursday and Friday is mine now.

What I'll be doing is categorizing and summarizing a stockpile of videos, CDs and books in the "mind body spirit" realm for a media database company. It is a delightful confluence of my skills and interests. In fact, it is very much like what I do here...

If it remains a temp job (three months), at least it will have been an interesting project, and if it turns permanent, well, that's great, too.

Unfortunately, I had to leave my P/T job with very little notice, while my boss was on vacation. I still haven't even heard back from him.

My guilt about that is assuaged when I consider that I was going to be on vacation this coming week anyway, and the week after that my boss was going to be traveling, and thus it would have been really slow.

Also, it's not as if I am an employee of the company--I'm a contract worker with no benefits who has to keep reminding the accounting department that I am, in fact, supposed to get paid for the work I do. The one benefit of being an IC is that you aren't beholden to the folks you work for.

Plus, when Miss Cookie had the job, she took a three-month leave of absence to have her baby, and my boss never even hired a temp to replace her. So it's not as if he has demonstrated a pressing need for someone to fill that role.

Despite all that, of course, I wish I could have done things a little more smoothly. Oh well.

I gave a private pre-natal yoga session yesterday to a friend of mine. I was nervous about it, but it turned out to be really nice for both of us. All along I've referred pregnant ladies to other teachers, but now I see it's actually pretty simple to modify postures for pregnancy.

Subbing the occasional class and giving the occasional private session is really perfect for me right now.

I was at JoyBoy's birthday party last night, and feeling kind of un-social*, so I meandered through the apartment (the party was at his friend's huge place in downtown Brooklyn) and hung out with some cats. And you know, I enjoyed the cats. While I have never considered myself much of a cat person, I must say I had a vision of getting a little kitten to complement our happy home. I don't know if Coney would get along with a cat, but it was a pretty thought while it was still in my head.

*There's something about being in a roomful of grown men who are smoking pot and watching Captain Beefheart videos that makes me feel like we've all failed, somehow. I recognize that this is my problem, not theirs.

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