newest entry 2003-03-11 8:22 p.m.

I forgot to mention that I finished The Alienist this weekend, and now I can get on with my life.

If you are one of the remaining 12 people who haven't read it, I can certainly give it my whole-hearted stamp of approval. It is meticulously researched, and ingeniously plotted, and the emotional tenor rings true. Plus it's got Theodore Roosevelt saying "Bully!" all over the place.

First day on the job went well. I spent the day examining the body/mind/spirit database they've set up, and taking notes on how it could be improved, and catching little mistakes, like the video about depression that was filed under "toiletries." I was assigned a couple of CDs to review, and I edited some review excerpts from magazines. Basically, today I got paid to surf the web, listen to music, and write.

The people I work with are all nice and fun and musical. I had joked to someone a while back that, because I didn't have co-workers at my P/T job, I was relieved of the chore of having to see my co-workers' bands. Well, I was on the job but a few hours today when I got my first "come see my band" e-mail from the guy a few cubicles over. So.

Other positives:

  • the office is in Soho which is one of my two favorite 'hoods in Manhattan

  • I can wear jeans to work again after eight months of "doofus casual"

  • I have a good computer with good speakers.

  • The building is about 1.5 blocks south of Monkey's building, so we can have the occasional lunch

  • I already know somone who works there, so I'm not a complete stranger

  • I am the body/mind/spirit editor, so I am immersed in very uplifting material

  • I have access to every major label CD ever made, and plenty of books and videos

  • It's, like, a real job. It will be good to feel productive again, and to earn some dough.

    I treated myself to a half-hour massage yesterday at Area, and I am going to try to sock away a little money every week so I can get one once a month. Getting a massage is like doing yoga and napping at the same time--two activities I enjoy immensely. The masseur asked me after the massage if I play guitar, because my left forearm was much more muscular than my right. Good call--I had no idea.

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