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I miss the woosh-woosh-woosh sound of flipping through shrinkwrapped vinyl LPs in Sam Goody's. I miss the smell of a new album, and the gloss of an inner sleeve....That's my old fogey wistful thought for today.

NYC's smoking ban is upon us soon, and I say huzzah. It will be nice to play a show, or hang out at a friend's show, and come home not smelling like an ashtray.

So much for Coney's reign as teacher's pet. He was a total juvenile delinquent in class tonight. He got two timeouts for barking!

This week we're starting him on the head halter, which is a gentle and non-aversive way to get him to "heel" better.

Puppy has a new lead hangin' from his snout
Puppy starts to bark and he gets a timeout
What's the puppy UP to?

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