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My two latest purchases from arrived yesterday, and I've been taking them in slowly: Tanya Donelly's Lovesongs for underdogs and Kevin Tihista's Don't Breathe a Word.

Both CDs are problematic for me...I know I should like Tanya's record. She is brilliant and underrated, and this is a whole album of interesting and well-produced songs...somehow, though, I am not falling into it as easily as I did, say, with Lisa Germano's record.

The Kevin T. record is just plain bland. I bought it on the rabid recommendation of a friend of mine, someone who generally favors noisesome bands like Unwound...I am baffled as to why he loves this disc so much...KT makes the cardinal error of opening a CD with a power ballad. Dude, this song should be #7 or 8, not the opening track!

We had dinner tonight at Jeremy's Ale House down on Front Street. Cobblestone streets, the smell of the river, and the old-world feeling of the Seaport area--the perfect background for reading The Alienist (sorry, but I read while I eat). I felt like I was in a turn-o-the-century beer hall. The sea food at Jeremy's is excellent and fresh, and the air is thick with testosterone. The restaurant opens at 8:00 AM to serve dockworkers at Fulton Fish market as they are coming off their lobster shift.

I am still a little tipsy as I write this....

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