newest entry 2003-03-03 8:32 a.m.

Monday morning, I submit these heady claims:

  • King of Comedy is a better film all around than Taxi Driver. It just works better, and puts across the same basic story in a more refined way. (The gun Rupert uses to kidnap Jerry isn't even real, compared to the aresenal of firearms that Travis required to do his bit.) Both movies are disturbnig, but KoC is disturbing and hilariously funny.

  • Monkster and I have many songs about Coney, but here's an excerpt from our new rap song, which is a work in progress:

    What's the puppy UP to?
    What's the puppy UP to,
    What's the puppy UP to now?

    Puppy likes to eat and to wag his little tail
    Puppy misbehaves and he goes to puppy jail
    What's the puppy UP to, etc.

    Puppy's in the backyard, hangin' out with Bob
    Puppy got no benjamins Cuz puppy got no job
    What's the puppy UP to...

    OK, sorry.

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