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I subbed at the fitness center in Bay Ridge this morning and dang if it isn't a cute set-up. They actually have some props and a CD player, incense, blankets, etc. The yoga room is set off, downstairs, from the workout section, and it's relatively peaceful.

I signed up to teach two morning classes there. This, in addition to my new job, means my life is starting to look more and more normal: up early every weekday, and soon, when I let go of my Saturday afternoon class, I will have free weekends for the first time in two years. It means I can actually go away occasionally, or goto the ashram for a weekend.

The relative lack of free time on the weekdays just means I need to be more disciplined about meditating and practicing yoga on my own.

On the way home from the fitness center, I stopped at the Salvation Army and bought three tasteful skirts to wear to work, and three tasteless novels to read on the train. They were four for a dollar, and at one point I had to choose between The Aeneid and Only the Dead Know Brooklyn. I'm sure you can guess which I bought.

Saw the original Insomnia last night. on DVD. I liked it--the villain was much creepier than Robin Williams' portrayal. The scene where the detective is questionong the teenage friend of the victim is almost identical here, except in the original, it's the detective who makes a pass at her, not the other way around, as in the US version. I guess Americans can't buy a protagonist who would not only shoot his partner and cover it up, but also try to pick up teenage girls while trying to solve the murder of another teenage girl. If anything, it makes it a little more realistic--this detective is dedicated to solving her murder, and at the same time can sort of identify with her killer, at least in a self-loathing sort of way.

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