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Breaking news: I am the 90s Bowie!

Which David Bowie are you?

The goddess of good luck is impatient with men who cannot bear the sight of other people’s good fortune. She immediately entrusts such men to the charge of her elder sister, Misfortune.


Cookie is bequeathing me her part time job, starting Monday! I will be working for a financier in a one-person office in mid-town. It's basically what I was doing at Lehman, but only 2.5 days a week. The man I am working for said that there's some down-time to the job, and that if I wanted to use that time to write, that'd be OK.

And then, out of the blue, someone in Bay Ridge called me and offered me some classes to teach at her fitness studio. She couldn't remember how she got my number...this is faintly miraculous. I'm going to sub a class there tonight and tomorrow morning, and see what it's like. If it's cool, I will fit teaching there into my schedule, and if it's not, I'm under no pressure to continue.

My new Friday schedule went into effect today--teaching a beginner class at 8:30 and an intermediate class at 10:30. It was a positive experience--I walked home from the center in a giddy, dreamy state

I had a lot more to write about, but I am really tired and nothing is expressing itself in an interesting way--must nap! Briefly: I am finally reading Motherless Brooklyn, far so good. This follows on the tail of having read my first Agatha Christie book, which was also quaintly swell. And we kicked off summer last night by seeing Dr. John at the bandshell in Prospect Park, joined by the entire family of Brooklyn man. It was a perfect evening--summer, beer, funky white man, friends.

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