newest entry 2003-05-29 3:43 p.m.

To follow up on the Coney-doesn't-love-me thread, I have now placed things in a wider context.

Ever since coming home from Chicago, Coney has been ultra-mellow and good-natured. (If you recall, the last time he made that trip, he came home with the new ability of lifting his leg to pee).

For example, I ate dinner in the living room last night, and he didn't beg for food at all, which is unheard of. And he's been really good on walks and hasn't been waking us up in the morning with his usual obnoxious nosing and nipping.

So I think his hum-drum greeting from Tuesday was more an indication of his new maturity. We've been getting along really well.

Tomorrow is our dogwalker's last day. She was so great. I pray to find another dogwalker with her enthusiasm and accountability.

Mark your calendars: TYDTWD 2003.

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