newest entry 2002-12-11 1:18 p.m.

Some brief and inconsequential news items from my biosphere:

  • I bought a new pair of running shoes today. This is huge, actually, as I've needed a new pair for a long time and now I'm inordinately excited about using them. There was a time, Dear Diary, when I would have gone without some essential living expense in order to buy my twice-yearly pair of New Balances. But I am less fanatical about running, and a little wiser about money.

  • Since we've been back from Chicago, Coney has started lifting his leg to pee. I guess travel really is broadening. Our puppy is all grown up!

  • The Christmas season has officially begun: I just ordered my lip-balm making supplies! There will be some exciting new improvements from last year's batch. We had many left over last year, so any readers who would like some can e-mail me with their land address and I'll be happy to send (after 1/1/03).

  • McEwanmania persists. Yesterday I started reading Black Dogs and it's excellent so far. Is this man capable of writing a bad novel?

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