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As I mentioned in a recent entry, running used to consume me. I lived in Park Slope, a runner-friendly neighborhood with access to one of the best loops (Prospect Park) in the city (definitely the best in Brooklyn). I ran in the rain, the snow, in sub-freezing weather, in sickness and health. I rarely missed a day.

Running is great fun and it's so simple, but it can also leave you (as it did me) with weak ankles and battered knees. Plus, truth be told, unless you're training for races, it can get pretty tiresome and Sisyphusian.

Additionally, I moved to Sunset Park which is runner-hostile: leering men, packed sidewalks of slow-moving pedestrians, and a really lame park at the edge of Bay Ridge.

So I run only occasionally now, and have switched to walking as my main cardio activity. It's still tough to do in my neighborhood (hard to get a good pace til you leave the crowded shopping district), but it's less conspicuous and you can easily integrate it into your actual life rather than setting aside a special time for it. It's nice not to be dependent on the subways, too.

Today, I got a great deal on some rather ugly-looking Nike run/walk shoes. I wore them right out of the store, so I'm not even sure what model they are, but they are black slip-ons (very convenient when you do a lot of yoga, lemme tell ya), with a very stretchy upper that hugs the foot, and a terrific BRS 1000 sole. There's a little groove in the front for the toes. They have this mucous-y looking rubber girding that I suppose takes the place of laces.

I just realized that I walked out of the store with the try-on socks, too. Oops.

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