newest entry 2001-12-26 4:35 a.m.

I had a very nice Christmas. Started the day with a Bikram class, then had dinner with Miss Cookie and her husband, with a wee giftie exchange (Miss Cookie and I are big on wee gifties, and I think this is a quaint and emotionally satisfying remnant of my mom's knack for buying great, cheap stocking stuffers).

Then we drove out to Jersey for the big family get- together. Those are always a bit nerve-wracking for me, but this year was brief and to the point. Everyone seemed a little weary but in generally good spirits. Operation Infinite Secret Santa went w/o a hitch. Thank god for Amazon wish lists. I received the Shins CD and 2 yoga DVDs from my cousin. Dad really liked the Krishnamurthi CD and Ramana Maharshi book. AMA and I have not done an exchange because we think we will get a puppy in the new year, and that'll be our Christmas joy.

In less than two hours, I'll be on my way to the Catskills to have a little R&R at the Sivananda Yoga Ranch.

See you soon.

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