newest entry 2002-04-19 1:14 p.m.

I had a long entry here, but it got erased when my computer crashed. The basic gist was: "today is good and I am happy."

It hasn't been a good day for everyone....

Nevertheless, the Senate has voted to keep the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge free from oil drilling, so the penguins are having a good day.

The people next door have begun a fire on their grill, and the smell of lighter fluid and early-summer smoke is making me feel tribal and dreamy. ur tulips have shriveled in the premature heat, but our garden is looking wild and beautiful today.

AMA and I were both beset by insomnia last night, but we are making a trip to Hoboken tonight to hear a friend of ours sing. Looking forward, wondering if the ferry is still running...?

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