newest entry 2003-08-09 8:13 p.m.

I am home on Saturday night because I need to rewrite some chapters of my book, and I didn't get around to it on vacation like I had hoped to.

Some things I partook of this weekend so far that I enjoyed:

  • Rabbit Proof Fence, which was devestating

  • Top of My Lungs, Natalie Goldberg's book of poetry which was long out of print and now reissued. I bought a used copy via Good ol' Natalie!

  • Cafe Tacuba's Cuatro Caminos, which starts out sounding like a Mexican Pixies (which, given Black Francis/Frank Black's prediliction for the country, makes sense), and ends up...somewhere entirely else. Beautiful stuff. Wish I knew what they were singing about.

  • Barbara Manning's 1212, which, next to her debut solo album, is one of my favorite albums of hers, or anyone's. Such great songs, sweet singing, great ideas. I love story albums, and this record centers on the tale of an arsonist...I hadn't heard this in a while, so it was nice to go back...

    Drove out to Jersey today to see Dad and Sally...he gave us oil paintings to take home...he's getting really good!

    Sally is in love with a priest. This is not the first time...

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