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A co-worker of mine got fired yesterday for plagiarism. The smell of death and sacrifice hung in the air all day, and the heady feeling of being on the edge of a social trend. Plagiarism is the new Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!

I liked the guy who got axed, he was a nice guy. I am not surprised by the allegations, but I also think they went overboard by firing him and not giving him a warning.

The Hudson cruise was fun! We got to see the lights of Manhattan while being cossetted by the choppy river.

I had to hand out business cards announcing a contest at Monkey's employer's website. As people filed in, looking all shiny and tan and rich and excited, I was the first person they saw. Everyone clutched at the cards eagerly, only to see that it wasn't anything of value. After a while, I got tired of seeing their smiles decompose into looks of disappointment, so I stopped handing out cards and just left them on the table for people to take.

David Johansen was good--it was fun to see such a big star in a little intimate setting. He sang all the classics, and it seemed as if about 25% of the audience recognized the songs. He was neither in Buster Poindexter nor his latest Harry Smith mode, just in his "poor man's Mick Jagger/Iggy Pop for polite company" mode. Dare I say he was kinda...foxy.

I saw three people I recognized, all from distinct eras of my life: a coworker from my stint at St Mark's Comics, a former yoga student, and an editor at a magazine that I temped for in the early 90s.

As of three minutes ago, I am an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church.

This article is a must for any dog person. (And by that I mean someone who lives with a dog, not someone who is part human, part canine.)

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