newest entry 2003-07-08 10:54 a.m.

Talked to my copy-editor this morning; the changes she and the uber-editor want to make on my yoga book are pretty reasonable. She also said they were trying for a Spring 2004 release, but possibly Fall 2004. I can live with that, too.

There is a good chance that I'm not working the program to optimal effect, but the slow-burn weight thing is not doing it for me. The first week I felt strong and energetic, but the cumulative effect of no cardio has left me feeling crabby and depleted.

I went on a run this morning and feel so much better. Despite the slow-burn guys' thoughts to the contrary, I need to run and I enjoy sweating.

So, what I'm taking from this experience is that a weight should be lifted slowly, with full attention on the muscle being worked and on the breath. But it's not enough to just lift weights.

I signed up for a free service that alerts me by e-mail when we have voicemail at home.

It seems cushy, but I like the idea--not having to call home for messsages and being told in that cold, heatbreaking voice, "NO messages."

Recently, our phone company colloquialized our voicemail so that it says things like, "OK, that message is saved!" I find it a little annoying. I don't need my voicemail to have a personality, in fact I'd rather it had a robot voice.

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