newest entry 2003-04-08 11:13 a.m.

Monkster treated himself to the new Lucinda Williams record, and I made the mistake of reading the lyrics on the subway home. Whew! Depressin'. I mean, unrelentingly doomful and gloomful. The music is wonderful, though, much more artful than Essence. I listened to it as I drifted to sleep, and it was almost too beautiful. When my defenses are down, some music is too much for me.

I remember the summer I really got into Brian Wilson (Pet Sounds and Smile in particular). I was also working down the street from the TM center, so I'd meditate everyday without fail. My nervous system was refined to the point where "Good Vibrations" was almost painful to listen to.

Took a 6:45 am class at Yoga People. It felt so right to be doing hatha as the sun came up, and though the class was pretty difficult, it was paced slow for maximum centering.

I was surprised how unchipper everybody was, even the teacher (who wordlessly sneered at me as she let me in the door, and then complained about being up so early!) People, where's your enthusiasm?!

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