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An action packed weekend!

Friday I played a show with my band in Williamsburg. I was nervous about it, because we hadn't had a lot of time to rehearse, and I personally hadn't been practicing my vocals or taking care of myself much during the past two weeks (and that always affects my performance.) However, we managed to put on a decent show, and we had a great time.

It was my favorite kind of gig in that we were playing on a bill that one of the other acts had put together, which usually results in a certain cameraderie and overlapping audience.

Yesterday we puttered around and "cleaned the house" which meant drinking coffee and chatting with FilmThreat, who is staying with us this week while he attends his film festival. Then we had our annual Aries Birthday Party, which was, in my opinion, a smashing success.

It was Monkey and myself, plus three other Aries hosts: Fred, Oasis, and argh, I forget the pseudonyms I've created for the two women. We had the party here at our place.

Fred and I chipped in for a tarot card reader, who was a real sweetheart and very good with the cards.

She foretold some nice things for me.

It was a festive night indeed.

Today I'm celebrating Monkey's birthday (which is really tomorrow) by taking him to dinner and a movie. I also got him a Murray's pomade t-shirt and may get him a new pair of jeans.

Murray's pomade entered our lives when Monkey's hair grew to Ringoesque moptop proportions and he decided he should do something to keep it in place. He bought Murray's, not knowing that it's, like, industrial strength goop that doesn't wash out with regular shampoo. There was a week recently when he helplessly walked around looking like Fonzie everyday, until it gradually washed out over time.

Last night one of the other Aries hostesses put on a record while I was getting ready. I thought "Hmm, this is good, it sounds like an old Manchester punk band from the 70s..."

When I investigated, it was an album that I had bought years ago and only listened to once: Sleater Kinney's Dig Me Out, which I dismissed at the time as lame and poorly-written. I think I had been listening to it too hard, and needed to just have it on in the background to appreciate its strengths. I still wouldn't say they're a great band, much less the saviours of rock and roll that their fans claim, but I am willing to appeal their case.

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