newest entry 2003-04-04 2:11 p.m.

Last night we went to see FilmTHreat's movie at a film festival. It was cool seeing this film on a big screen, with good sound. I was able to forget that I knew its auteur and just got absorbed in the plot.

The Q-and-A afterwards was fun. The main actors stood up along with FT and fielded some questions, too, and they seemed really proud to have been involved.

The short film before it was also pretty good.

I have a gig tonight in Williamsburg, which I am looking forward to. I think the line-up will be fun. I have nothing to wear, oy!

And then tomorrow is the collective Aries birthday party. Big fun ahead, woo!

Big Friday Meeting status report: I felt slightly less tongue-tied and shy today, and even managed to make a few succesful wisecracks, which always makes me feel more relaxed.

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