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Saw The Life of David Gale last night and really loved it. Twelve hours later, I can't get it out of my head. Forgive it its implausabilities and overwrought moments, and be glad it was in the hands of a capable director and a handful of superb actors, rather than it being, say, a Bruce Willis and Cameron Diaz vehicle. I was going to say "Julia Roberts" but I've been rather hard on Ms Roberts in this diary.

One of its themes is self-sacrifice for a greater good, something I'd already been thinking about yesterday after reading about this guy and his "human shield" prgram. There is a difference between self-sacrifice and just plain suicide, and I think these folks have crossed it. I admire their bravado and their following their consciences, but so far all I've heard is how disorganized the effort is, and I don't see much good coming from their mission. I hope I'm wrong.

God bless Neil Pollack.

The Salvation Army gods have been very good to me these past few weeks. It's getting so that, were I to come into money, I would be reluctant to spend it at a regular retail store.

What I love about S.A. shopping is that, as far they are concerned, all clothing is created equal. Thus a skimpy, moth-eaten Old Navy monstrosity and a bulky handknit Land's End sweater are both $3.00.

Here's what I've pulled in the lucky month of February:

  • A peacock-blue hoodie from Delia's ($3.00)
  • Cable-knit angora v-neck from Abercrombie & Fitch--but judging from the tag, this looks to be from the 60s, when A&F was a department store and not a cultural phenomenon ($3.00)
  • Brushed corduroy chinos from Club Monaco ($6.00)
  • Two pairs of Gap jeans from some recent season when they were being refreshingly experimental with their denims and patterns ($6.00 each)
  • Ralph Lauren long-sleeve pullover in an emotionally satisfying thick black cotton ($2.00)
  • The CD reissue of The Pretty Things' S.F.Sorrow ($2.99)

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