newest entry 2003-02-23 11:09 a.m.

Last night was Fred's now-annual George Harrison Tribute. It was very crowded (bad) but spirits were high and there were three dogs wandering around. (That's the kind of place Freddy's is--you can bring your dog. I just happened to have dog snacks with me because I'd gotten them before hand, so I ingratiated myself with the pups. )

Anyway, it was a beautiful night, lots of great performances, culminating in a group singalong of "Here Comes the Sun" that sounded like a bunch of drunken sailors.

I am really pleased to have spent the evening there. Fred looked resplendent and happy.

Here's a journal written by one of Avril Lavigne's wranglers/shapers. Depending on one's mood it is interesting, or sad, or maybe even hopeful.

Have been listening to S.F. Sorrow non-stop since yesterday...How I love that muffled, huge bass sound that engineers were fond of in the 60s. Great tunes, too.

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