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Crush your sense of self-allure
like an autumn lily in the hand.
Nurture only the path to peace
as taught by the One Well Gone.

--Dhammapada, 20

In addition to lifting his leg to pee, Coney's hunting instincts are also starting to flourish. Until recently, he had no opinion about cats either way, but now he lunges after strays in the backyard and on the sidewalks. I wonder if he'll start "treeing" soon, per his ancestry. That should be interesting. It's like A Red Fern Grows in Brooklyn.

In addition to still having all the ear woes of the previous week, I now also have a full-blown cold. It's like my head is about to explode

Here's some shocking news from the world of shampoo! Is it true?

In music-y gossip-y news, it seems that Elvis C. has left his wife Cait for jazz singer Diana Krall. I take some irrational and vicarious comfort in the fact that he's leaving his wife for an older woman, and she's not some supermodel. And he and Cait were married for 16 years, which is a good run. And she's still young enough to find someone new, or go back to playing the bass and join some cool band. Yes, this is my business.

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