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Coney in the Backyard, with Bubba

Now, I have absolutely no interest in golf, but, stuck without reading material on the train just now, I read all about the latest controversy in the sport. As obnoxious as Augusta National chairman Hootie Johnson seems, I have to side with him. It's a private club, it can do as it pleases. Female golfers who feel discriminated against can and should start their own club.

Far more interesting and bizarre is the topic of an age minimum for batboys.

My Hatha 2 class last night went pretty well.

I took a vinyasa class this morning--it's been so long since I've done vinyasa. Ugh, I am really stiff and outta shape, but it felt wonderful to move. And it gave me a real appreciation for how yoga strengthens the entire body--more so than straight cardio or lifting weights. So the experience was kinda wrenching, but in the spirit of tapas--purification through suffering.

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