newest entry 2002-09-26 9:18 a.m.

We had our anniversary dinner at a steak house called The Embers in Bay Ridge. Through the lazy magic of pop culture reference I can describe it and its clientele in one word: Vesuvio.

Monkey had a T-bone steak (Coney, later, got the spoils of it) and I had Filet Mignon, and we downed a bottle of nice red wine (I forget the make). We finished up with a brownie sundae at Omonia Cafe, which we were stunned to discover is not a little storefront bakery as we had always thought, but a rather huge cafe with outdoor seating in the back and a thriving night business.

Lying Awake, as it turns out, is exactly the book I need to be reading right now. It mirrors almost perfectly the conflicts and doubts I've been having these days vis a vis religion, spirituality, and the body. And it's beautifully written, as all Mark Salzman's books are.

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