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Have held off listening to the new Soft Boys record until the time when I can really hang on its every word and note, but I did pop in the new PG CD this morning for all of two seconds before I had to leave. I have no opinion yet.

In book news, I finished the Styron, which was elegant and sad. It left me wanting more, but the library was plumb out of all his books. I noticed that both Styron’s and Stegner’s novels are situated next to younger female Styrons and Stegners—a daughter and daughter-in-law respectively. Here I am discovering these fellows for the first time, and they’ve already had careers, lives, and children following in their footsteps.

I am now reading Mark Salzman’s Lying Awake, about a nun/poet in a contemplative order. Me big-heap Salzman fan, and I’m fascinated by nuns and the monastic life, so I’m riding out the novel’s somewhat unpromising beginning. He’s obviously done his research about nuns, and that’s cool, but there is a falseness in the tone that irritates me…We’re supposed to be seeing into the everyday life of a nunnery, but the thoughts and dialogue are abstract and lofty and precious and not what real people say or think. Not even nuns. But I’m only a third of the way through, so we’ll see what happens…

The first rule of the Dog Park is: No one talks about…themselves. Really, the conversation is always centered on the dogs, which is good in a way. No social pressure, the anonymity of a chat room. Although yesterday there was a guy—a “dude”, technically—who didn’t know the rules, and told us a little about himself: he lives on a boat behind the Dyker Heights Golf Course,and has just sailed up from Miami so his girlfriend can attend med school.

I just found out on Urban Hound that the future of the Dyker Heights dog run is doomed unless we fight city hall.

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