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Went upstate to a wedding...drove up Friday night for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, stayed over at a dog-friendly Holiday Inn in Mt Kisco, and then went to the music rehearsal (Monkey was asked to write and play the music for th ceremony) for the wedding and then the wedding itself, and then the reception. So it was like a whole weekend wedding extravaganza. And today we're attending Cookie Boy's Greek Orthodox christening. Oy. My head is pounding from the excess.

The wedding was a simple country-style wedding in the sprawling backyard of the bride's childhood home in Westchester. Her brother sang "Bramble and the Rose". All the bridesmaids were the bride's apple-cheeked, plump blonde sisters. You get the picture. It was a sweet occasion, although I have to admit I am really sick of weddings at this point in my life. They wind up all being the same, don't they?

Coney loved being upstate where the grass is tall and there are fields to romp in. He was so happy.

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