newest entry 2002-09-04 11:28 a.m.

At day five of living in the Monkey-Aquaplane household, I'd say Coney is just about housebroken. He still doesn't associate "going on a walk" with bathroom duty, though. He thinks walking is his opportunity to eat things off the sidewalk. Whenever we hit a patch of grass, though, he runs into it like pardoned prisoner running into the arms of ....I'm losing grasp of this metaphor...anyway...

This is what happens when you take a little Appalachian hound and transplant him to New York City--he doesn't understand that sidewalks are part of nature.

Other than that, he is getting along just great. Last night was the first night we didn't put him in his "den", and he was OK.

Everything he does is heart-breakingly cute, even when he's chewing things he shouldn't be chewing.

Work this week has been good: I have actual work to do, and the boss is on vacation, so the atmosphere is one of placid toil.

I am back in the Bikram swim, too, as there is a new studio on Union Square, and I'm doing the intro week ($20 for a week of classes, with free mat rental). It feels good...there is really nothing like Bikram. I find that after a few days of it, my skin gets really soft and my sense of taste, smell, and eyesight sharpen considerably.

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