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What are some vows you made and have never broken?

I've broken many in my life, but some long-standing vows I've managed to keep include:

The oath sworn by my 14-year-old self to never carry a purse

My early promise that, out of respect, I'd never cover a Pretenders song, not even casually at a party.

The recently imperiled understanding that I'd always celebrate Christmas with my family, no matter what.

I'm sure there are others, but none are coming to mind just now.

The new Austin Powers movie is the most consistently entertaining goddamned thing I've seen in ages. There is one scene involving Austin and Mini-Me in disguise that put me in serious danger of busting a gut. I had to will myself to stop laughing.

Note to self: "Canadians much funnier than Poles."

Oh, and pop-o-philes will be pleased to see cameos by both Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs in Austin's "band", Ming Tea.

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