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Entering into every heart, I give the power to remember and understand; it is I again who take that power away. All the scriptures lead to me; I am their author and their wisdom.

--Bhagavad Gita 15:12-15

Gurudev's passing has had quite an effect on me and just about everyone I've run into at IYI...but a good one. There is something almost joyful and freeing in his leaving his body, and for the past two days I've felt so alive and light-hearted (light-n-lively) and close to how I felt when I was living on the 'shram...Such a relief to let go of my own stupid problems and obsessions and just be alive...

Anyway, his memorial service in Virginia will be a powerful experience--a Hindu burial is pretty intense, and people from all corners of the globe will be there (including, to be sure, all kinds of artists and yoga luminaries--he had a lot of followers, especially in the 70s). I've chosen, though, to stay here in NYC and just pay my respects from afar. I have too many commitments here to just drop everything...and I also feel like there were so many people who had an actual relationship with him (friends, family, disciples)--those are the people who should attend his service, not the likes 'o me. In September, I'll make a pilgrimage down to Virginia.

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