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There is a sphere where there is neither earth nor water nor heat nor air, for it is beyond the field of matter; nor is it the sphere of infinite space, or consciousness, for it is beyond the field of mind. There is not the condition of nothingness, neither is there the state of this world or another world, nor sun nor moon.

This is the uncreated.

This condition I call neither arising nor passing away, neither dying nor being born. It is without form and without change. It is the eternal, which never originates and never passes away.

To find it is the end of sorrow.

-Udana Sutta

The end of sorrow. I've found another end of sorrow: recording on an 8-track. I spent a chunk of my day yesterday just playing guitar and recording tracks for my demo--just me and my Tele. No producer, no priest, no goals, no vanity, just pure sound. This is how I started in music: recording songs on my tape recorder for no one else's ears. Somehow that spilled out and I lost some of my purpose.

Today we're brunching with Lilith to see her off on her new life (she's moving to SF), and then my friends' band Summer of Like is coming over to record a demo in our basement.

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