newest entry 2002-07-14 7:21 p.m.

Lilith's bon voyage brunch was nice. As I've remarked before, I like her friends.

Monkey and I brought the waffle iron over to her apartment and made pumpkin waffles, which were the hit of the party.

It wasn't until I actually said goodbye to her that I realized how sad an occasion it was--we both cried. We certainly didn't hang out much lately, but she is a trusted friend, and we both learned a lot about communication and trust when we lived with each other all those years ago.

She is off to S.F. to start a new life.

Came home and Summer of Like were already deeply ensconsed in the recording process. It was wonderful having them here, playin'. Whoever wasn't recording his or her part at the moment was hanging out in our backyard. I would like to have a real recording studio someday, and have people come over and hang out all the time. I'm from a big family, and I'm used to a full, noisy house.

I'd be happy to make tea, add a backing vocal here and there, etc.

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