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Some random memories that came to me while I was meditatin' today:

When I was about 7, my friend Ellen and I were visiting her teenage cousin's house. Hannah, the cousin, had some albums in her room: Gordon Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens. My older brother liked these artists, too, and it dawned on me: "If you buy records by one of these singers, you have to buy the others, too, even if you're not sure that you like them. It's just the way it is." With this realization, I felt like I'd cracked a code. Somehow, in my brutish 7-year-old reckoning, Hannah was the deceived, my brother was the trendsetter, and I was the wise observer of trends.

And then I had a memory of my dad calling our dog "Mitzi" even though her name was really "Daisy." I never understood that until recently--we dogsit a critter named "Ozzie" and I'm always calling her "Daisy."

I know this is a lame entry, but I thought you all needed a break from yoga talk.

My bargain bin finds of the day today: Gotta Get Over Greta by the Nields and an advance CD of the latest Eels record, which I'm giving to Monkey as a gift. I had high hopes for the Nields record--the packaging is great, the lyrics (I read the lyric booklet in the store) are top-notch. But the music itself isn't hitting me at all. I may have to give this another try later.

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