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My fiction dry spell has officially come to a close--Sparkle Hayter's new book has arrived! Monkey and I went to B&N last night to buy the new Harry Potter book (for him) and it was sold out, so we got Sparkle instead. Yay!

It's not part of her Robin Hudson mystery series, it's a book about werewolves...

A Harry footnote: Monkey called hs brother yesterday afternoon and jokingly asked, "So how do you like the new Harry Potter?"

And his reply, "It was good. I finished it 20 minutes ago." He'd bought it that morning and read it in five hours.

Both Monkey and his brother are prodigious readers.

I have recently picked up on the slow cadence weight training phenomenon that crept into the public consciousness a few years back. I tried it this weekend, and I have to say, it's very yogic: it relies on proper breathing, proper allignment, and complete body-awareness and concentration. I guess time will tell whether it's all the exercise one needs or not.

I would never give up walking, the occasional run, or hatha yoga, but if this weight training builds stamina without a huge time investment, I'm all for it.

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