newest entry 2003-06-23 9:40 a.m.

What is shiny yellow orb in sky? Why the sky not cry? The gods must be appeased for now. La la la.

Sparkle's new book is wonderful! Little bursts of joy every time I pick it up to read. She is truly a unique critter, writing in these pulpy genres (mystery, horror) but doing it with style and wit and whimsy.

Post-lunch note: I love walking in the sun on a hot day, past an air-conditioned building with its door open. That split second of air-conditioner smell and the icy finger of cool on your skin, and then it's gone. Ah.

Did I mention that the Monkster and I are low-carbing? The first week (last week), it meant eating almost all the carbs we usually do, but then at the end of the day saying sheepishly, "Whoa! I ate a lot of carbs today!"

But over the weekend we were better about it, and today I feel pretty calm and un-sugared. I'm not strict about it, cuz I don't want life to be that much of a struggle, but I usually do feel clearer and lighter when I've backed off the sweet and starchy stuff for a while.

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