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I had a swellicious birthday.

I spent the morning at a trade show for purveyors of aromatherapeutic goods and other personal care products, and we had a kiosk there to persuade retailers to use our software application on their websites. It was fun--I got to interact with potential clients and that made me better understand their needs. Plus I got to trounce around and collect samples. If you know me, you know that--aside from music, yoga, books, dogs and monkeys--good-smellin' goop is my favorite thing. The most intriguing product I saw was body lotion from Jaqua Girls that smells just like cake batter. Yum!

After that, Monkey took me to MoMA's outpost in Queens for the Matisse/Picasso exhibit, which they should have subtitled, "You've seen the college dorm posters, now see the paintings!"

It was underwhelming. I'm not crazy about either artist, and seeing their paintings up close did nothing to win me over. Matisse's portaiture was cool--that's the sort of thing you rarely see--but his paper cut-outs seemed kinda cheesy in real life

Also, merely displaying the artists' concurrent work side by side wasn't enough to convey their friendship or rivalry....It had nothing of the drama or intensity of the Van Gogh/Gaugin exhibit.

After the museum, we had a nice Italian dinner in Queens, and then came home to watch The Trial of Billy Jack, which was as awful and wonderful as its predecessor. I have a full-on obsession with the film series now.

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