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The mind becomes purified by the cultivation of feelings of amity, compassion, goodwill and indifference respectively towards happy, miserable, virtuous and sinful creatures...

--Patanjali, Sutras 1.37

Not only does today's N.Y. Times feature their wonderful The Year in Ideas, there are also two articles about yoga. Go, Times!

I finished Black Dogs last night. This is a shorter, more naked exploration of the themes that McEwan expands on later in Atonement: the nature of evil and violence (from child abuse to the Gestapo), the frustrating solipsism of humans, and the redemptive, juicy power o' lurve. Another major theme here, which he later covers in Enduring Love, is the conflicting ideals of rationalism and spiritualism. That he does justice to all these ideas and tell an involving tale in the space of 150 pages is pretty dang impressive.

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