newest entry 2001-11-27 9:49 a.m.

I'm toying with the idea of either starting a new diary that is only about yoga, or just converting this one. I'd like to start an online discussion of the yoga sutras. If that interests anyone, lemme know.

AMA's old high school friend visited here from San Francisco with his new girlfriend this weekend. That was fun--they are nice, happy folks. He's an unemployed chemical engineer (I think) who's currently working part-time as a spy who monitors cigarette use in bars. She works for a non-profit organization helping college students travel to other lands.

I like having people stay over--we finally have a big enough place for that so it's good to be able to offer it. I'm also trying to throw all the parties and have all the dinner-soirees I didn't have when I lived in tiny places with non-partying roommates. And that's also the motivation for all the dog-sitting we've been doing. I feel so fortunate to have this apartment that I want to share it with all the critters and the folks.

In other news my album got a very nice review which I can't link to. One of my students gave me a lovely aromatherapeutic soap last night. And my editor, sadly, had to cancel yet another meeting today, this time because of the flu. My book is sitting there, wanting to be read.

Oh, well--I am in a zingy happy mood anyway! Must be the soap...

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