newest entry 2001-07-25 10:00 p.m.

Today was an enjoyable day, consumed almost totally by yoga (no music or writing).

I got up at a reasonable hour, did some hatha, and went in to Tribeca to teach a private session to a young actress whose father is also a famous actor. She is a lovely person, very energetic and upbeat, loose-limbed and friendly. She always addresses me by name, a trait I find endearing. I accidentally spotted an affirmation on the wall of her office (it might be her boyfriend's though), and felt slightly embarrassed. Knowing someone's affirmation (e.g, "I am learning to love myself" or whatever) makes them seem so vulnerable to me. I shall write a song about this...or a screenplay: I Know What Character Trait You're Working On This Summer.

Then I met my hubs for lunch at Herban Kitchen (he works in the same neighborhood sorta) and it was delicous. Nice to have a whole menu of vegan dishes to choose form instead of the one salad dish or pasta or whatever. Had a slightly tense conversation about goals and about meditation. I'd really like for him to learn how to meditate and he'd really like me to learn how to do the dishes. It's our eternal battle....

Walked from Tribeca all the way back to the Pacific Street N/R station, stopping only for an ill-advised chair massage from a very pushy and not very talented shiatsu hack. Ten bucks gone like that. Oh, and I stopped at the Fire Lotus Zen Center in Brooklyn. Lovely place in an old church, next to some sort of recreation center for the down and out. Interesting juxtaposition. I spoke briefly to a resident there and went on my cloudy-awareness way.

Got home, did some more hatha, and then set out to another private session, this time a group of 5 young women (think Bridget Jones w/Brooklyn accents) who are all friends, and who tried boxing but didn't like it, so now they're trying yoga. They were really sweet--I felt sisterly and protective of them all, although I know I am under-charging these women and probably could be asking for more w/o too much fuss.

Now ends our day. G'night.

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