newest entry 2001-11-29 9:39 p.m.

Yippee! That's the sound of me handing over my book, finally, and being told by my editor, "You should be so proud of yourself--this is the most well-organized, professional-looking manuscript I've ever gotten."

She looked through it briefly, and had all good things to say. They're going to design it right away even before the photo shoot, to present to the big chief. I am well-pleased!

And on the way out, my editor introduced me to another editor who had an idea for another book for me, and we chatted about that. She told me to send her a proposal for it.

I like this book-writin'!

Went to BAM to see Lou Reed & Robert Wilson's POEtry. I had my usual theatrical experience: I enjoyed it for the first 20 minutes, simply because my neurons are not used to seeing people prancing about onstage in costumes, speaking German (!) and making faces. Then the reality kicks in: two and half more hours of this....and my body starts rebelling.

Luckily, AMA hated it even more than I did, so we got to skedaddle. The tickets were comps, anyway.

I, Claudius is absorbing.

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