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OK today sucked.

That PR firm I was working for was awful, a disorganized time bomb waiting to explode. I'll be surprised if they're even still around by the end of this year.

The other two employees there think the owner is crazy, impossible to work for, a complete mess, and they hate their jobs. They were grousing to me over lunch about all this, which is when I told them that I probably wouldn't be coming back after this week. They said, "Yeah, we figured..." It was all very chummy.

Sometime after lunch the owner barks at me to come into her office, and says, in front of the other two employees, "Bonnie tells me you're not happy here and you want to leave!" I look over at "Bonnie" and she gives me a frowny "oops!" face and shrugs her shoulders. So much for chummy! So I said, "It's not that I'm not happy...blah blah blah..." And of course all this woman really cared about was that I'd told "Bonnie" and not her, which I was certainly going to as soon as I could pry the cell phone away from her ear for two seconds. Anyway, that last bizarre and totally unprofessional scene made it very easy to say good-bye.

Still, it was a neat experience. I did learn a lot. And I'm glad I was able to put my foot down without losing my cool.

After that AMA and I had Bombay Sapphire martinis and then joined Orleana and JoyBoy for a belated Aquaplane birthday dinner. It was very nice.

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