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Yesterday morning, Monkey and I woke up at about 10:45 and dashed out of the house at 11:00 to take a noon class at Integral. As the train inched towards Union Square, it was apparent that we were never going to make our class on time. So we made a split-second decision to stay on the train til 34th Street and go see Monsters, Inc., playing at the Loews near Penn Station.

It's the best movie I've seen this year: technically dazzlin', charming, funny and touching. And the closing credits are worth the price of admission.

Was mesmerized all day by this week's Times magazine section, which catalogs all the best ideas of the year.

Decided yesterday that I have very strong narcissistic tendencies, and that my dad exhibits strong signs of being a classic, text-book narcissist. This is useful for understanding certain persistent and frustrating character traits of both his and mine, but I'm not going to let it ruin Christmas, heh. Narcissists bring a lot to the party, as long as no one gets hurt. And I also, ultimately, believe that people are too complex to be labelled so easily. And unlike the majority of psychotherapists who have weighed in on the topic, I do think narcissistic tendencies can be overcome--that's what yoga is for.

The Leonard Cohen Christmas extravaganza was brilliant this year. The love was flowing at Freddy's. I am proud to call those bunch of freakazoids my friends.

We just finished watching White Christmas, a pleasant little eggnog of a movie.

And now we are on our way to Tuba Christmas at Rockefeller Center.

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