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White Stripes

Enjoyed the White Stripes show at the pier last night. When someone tells me a band plays "garage rock" (and the press--those rat bastards--use that expression a lot in conjunction with the WS), I expect a certain monolithic fuzzy-guitar sound with a preening, good-natured stage act. The Stripes have more going on than that. Blues is the peg they hang their songs on, but the songs blossom variously from Led Zeppishness to country (killer cover of D. Partion's "Jolene") to pop....Their stage personas are cute, too--there's pudgy, hyperactive Jack who sings and plays guitar (and I presume writes everything), and his "sister" (actually ex-wife) Meg who pounds the drums with happy abandon, ponytails bobbing. They dress exclusively in red and white.

While watching I was inspired to come up with a theme song for myself....

Another Day Another Carrot

August has been a slow month for private sessions. I may be teaching at a YMCA several mornings a week starting September, and I've got a corporate class lined up for fall, but I think I may end up temping for a while or getting some kind of part time job to cover expenses. I have mixed feelings about this, but I'm looking at it as an adventure... a dull and pointless adventure...(er, just kidding).


I know, I know. People keep trying to respond to my little surveys and forms, and they aren't getting through. I need to figure out where I went wrong. If any HTML-ers out there can look at my source code for the past few entries and let me know how I could code it correctly, I'd be much obliged. You can e-mail me below where it says, "Talk to me." Hopefully *that* works!

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