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Weekend recap

Bloody good fun: Saw the Battle of Brooklyn reenactment in Prospect Park and at the Old Stone House in Park Slope. The sound of far-off drums was stirring...Tried to view it all in terms of the Baghavad Gita, and in that case, the Marylanders (newly cobbled-together US army) were simply following their dharma, giving those British dandies what-for in the name of freedom. Greatly outnumbered, they lost the Battle-o-Brooklyn, but their spirit and the excellent, enlightened leadership of George Washington saw us through to a democratic nation and the coolest country on the planet.

Java Jive: I've been playin' around with Java Script and other dynamic HTML. Can't say I'm easily getting the hang of it (and these diary pages don't seem to accept Java Script--am I wrong?) but it is fun.

The Others: this film has stayed with me since Saturday...not only because it's scary as all hell, but because of that oddly blissful shot of (I'm not giving anything away by telling you this) the little girl twirling in sunlight for the first time. Essentially this film is about supernatural feng shui and opening up the doors and curtains to the big light....

Day Job Vous: I've been looking around for employment to see me through these slow months, with the idea that the added income will get me back on track financially. Eventually I can get some further training and become a more versatile teacher. The job search is exciting! I've been exploring areas that I never considered before, like teaching (other stuff besides yoga) and counseling and college admissions. When I set aside anxiety, the employment process is a giddy ride. I fantasize about being paid for days off and being able to make xerox copies for free again....

Meditation: I take it back. A few entries ago I made the blanket statement that meditation was self-hypnosis. I can't stand by that statement now because I do believe that the aims of hypnosis and meditation are different, as are the mental experiences of both. Sorry to be glib.

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