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All throughout this crisis (i.e. post 9/11) I've been constantly weighing my thoughts and feelings about war, and about religious wars in particular. I've even cut bin Laden a break or two given that some of his complaints about US society and godlessness in general are valid (not condoning his actions, mind you, far from it!!).

However, as the days go on I'm more inclined to think that bin Laden and his henchmen are not even faithful to their fundamentalism, never mind their religion. No, I think the guy is just another power-mad desperado with an eye toward personal gain, even if that gain is not material.

The official Aquaplane Position remains: peace as a cherished goal, but until humans are mature enough to handle the responsibilities of peace, then military action with very limited targets (no civilians)are sometimes necessary, if only to defend the human race from further harm.

This week's "Ask Scott" column on has some eloquent thoughts about the nature of martyrdom that help round out this picture. And Georg Feurstein, one of my yoga heroes (cuz he's one of yoga's few intellectuals and traditionalists) had some more to add, fleshing out the connection between the Baghavad Gita and war (which I've alluded to in short-hand a few times in this blog).

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